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Five psd templates to design websites for the responsive grid of Bootstrap 3.


Bootstrap 3 grid psd templates with 30px gutter updated with 480px and 320px resolutions.

With the new Bootstrap 3 grid you have different gutter and column width, and the container width includes two half gutter padding on the sides, unlike Bootstrap 2. Also the columns have uneven width for the three responsive breakpoints.

In the download above you can find the grid templates for the three main breakpoints of bootstrap 3, all with 30px gutter:

  • For the 1170px container width, with 67-68px width columns
  • For the 970px container width, with 50-51px width columns
  • For the 750px container width, with 32-33px width columns
  • For the 480px container width, with 10px width columns
  • For the 320px container width, with 23px width columns (with col-xs-2, at this resolution if you use col-xs-1 it goes on a new line)

If you need to design for retina devices, just double the resolution of the psd template.

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