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about:about will display a list of all the about pages available to Chrome.
Chrome 12 includes the following:


I was asked the other day by a fellow Google Chrome user about an alternative to Firefox’s “about:config”. You know the one… that little command that you type into the URL bar to access a wealth of “hidden” options. The one your dad would play with, change a whole load of settings and then phone up “family tech support” where you will forever helping him because he’s screwed it up. Yeah, that one…

Well I knew a few “about” commands (or pages) in Chrome but after a bit of digging around I stumbled upon a whole list of other about pages that display some rather interesting information and user options that allow you to modify your Chrome experience (see the full list below).

By far the most interesting I’ve found is “about:flags” and “about:cache”. The former allows you to enable roughly 15 lesser-known “experimental” features that are otherwise hidden from you. My favourite has to be “Confirm to Quit – Receive a prompt before quitting to confirm the action.”. I’m forever using the CMD+Q shortcut to close windows on my Mac and quite often close Chrome – along with 20 tabs that I wanted to bookmark! This nifty little feature forces you to press and hold CMD+Q again to confirm the action.

The latter, “about:cache” is also pretty handy – especially during web development. As you can probably guess, it allows you to view the data of all the sites Chrome has cached since you last cleared your browsing data. Great for a quick way of checking which version of a page has been stored. It’s not the prettiest user interface I’ve seen – its just a bunch of links in a table on a page, that when clicked spits out the raw file data and headers. But I suppose only a small minority of Chrome users will actually use/view the cache it so It’s not a massive issue.

Google Chrome "about:flags" hidden page

Google Chrome “about:flags” hidden page

One thing I would have liked to see however is the option to remove individual files/entries from the cache – something that would make my life easier rather than having to remove a whole bunch of cached data.

Below is the list of Chrome “about” pages that I’ve come across so far. If you are aware of any others please let me know!



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  1. Judith Ann Mcdermott on 13 Oct 2012

    Surely a perfect piece of writing! We’ve book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they’ll be intrigued, thank you very much!

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