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A Facebook Fan Page is one such feature which has proved to be substantial for marketers and online firms in order to communicate, interact and share with their fans. A Fan Page is extremely effective as it is a medium of communication between your company and its consumers, essentially all marketers require target and niche oriented activity & a fan page supplies just this!

Fan Pages are a great way to mix and interact with people who are interested in your company and its services. Our customized Fan Page Design offers:

  • User discussions
  • Photo uploads
  • Video uploads
  • Application integration
  • Send to all option
  • Events information

August Infotech posses marked hands on experience for all Facebook features. From Facebook application development to Facebook Fan Pages, we have done it all! In essence a Facebook Fan Page design can be deemed as a one page website representing your company on the Facebook platform. It can be used in conjunction with your current online/offline activity or as a standalone entity. We add life to your Fan Page and customize it so that the Fan Page is engaging, interactive and user friendly but most of all it serves your desired purpose.

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