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A very simple looking e-commerce website with neat and clean design, but highlights every features that buyers look for, so designers and SEO must visit this website and take inspiration from it and do great research before designing.

Some tips for designers:

  • Ask maximum question to clients and your subordinates.
  • Gather maximum info.
  • Focus on minute things
  • Apply new things and don’t worry to implement it, creativeness lies there.
  • Try to create sketch from basics
  • Deploy it.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to put your comments.

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  1. Jitesh Kapadia on 07 Sep 2012

    Hello Sagar,

    Its a good website. I think key is trying new things at all levels, including designing to provide great UI, but with eye on usability.


  2. Green Bay Packers on 10 Sep 2012

    Resources this kind of as the one you mentioned right here will be extremely helpful to myself! Ill publish a hyperlink to this page on my personal blog. I am positive my site guests will uncover that very useful.

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