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Ever wondered how websites display ads that are relevant to your searches, purchases and other online activity?

Whenever you surf website, each click and browsed page is being tracked and over the period of time, your complete profile is being created, with details about your browsing pattern. These data is then being sold to marketing companies. These marketing companies then use these data to display targeted ads, as per the users browsing pattern. So next time you see ad for designer clothes or sandals, you should know how it is relevant to you.

Can you stop this? Yes. One of such services is googleadservices.com, which is a tracking cookie. To read more on how to remove / permanent block googleadservices, visit: http://www.exterminate-it.com/malpedia/remove-googleadservices-com

Should you stop it? Depends on how much you value your privacy. As no one guarantee how the data would be used.

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