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A couple of years back a link building campaign consisting of forum posting, blog commenting, article marketing, link exchanges and buying a few links would have done the trick, but a lot has changed since then, buying links is more dangerous than ever before. So it leaves us wondering what one should do to build links? I have written this post to cover some of the ways which you can use to build quality links for your site.

This is a question which I think everyone should ask themselves before trying anything on link building, because if your site is not worthy enough then why should someone link to you? Remember a useful site always gets a link, so if it is not then first make it one.

Link Placement

In recent times Google has started giving value to link placement, it has been observed that links within the content gets more value and links from sidebar and footer the least.

Nofollow & Dofollow

After many of the search engines started to ignore the links containing the no-follow attribute a lot people go out and source dofollow links, but in doing this they do more harm to their link profile. Every website should have a good balance of dofollow and nofollow links both so that your link profile appears to be natural.

Authority Links

I always believe most of the search engines place a great value on the links coming from established and authority sites. Links from sites that are considered as an authority within your niche are the ideal links to have.

Anchor Text and Internal Pages

The most common mistake that a lot of people commit while link building is that they focus most of their time in building links to their homepage and that too with the same acnhor text. Your link profile to look natural must contain links to internal pages with varying anchor text.

Directory Submissions

Directory submission is an important task in any link building campaign. These links make up the numbers when it comes to authority links. Submit to the right directories and they will improve your overall domain trust. A lot of people waste their time in submitting to thousands of free directories when hardly any of them matters much.

Blog Commenting and Forum Posting

Blog commenting and forum posting for links is seen as spam and has been devalued due to many people taking advantage of unprotected blogs and forums. If blog and forum commenting is part of your link building campaign then put some effort in it. Instead of spamming forums and Blogs with “Thanks”, “Nice Post” and other unrelated stuff provide something useful in your comments and posts so that you contribute something to them.

Blog commenting and forum posting should be viewed as more of a reputation building rather than link building. This type of link building is best for increasing the number of nofollow links to your website as most of the popular blogs and forums use a nofollow.

Guest Blogging

After the rise of a lot of Guest Blogging communities, it can be viewed as one of the most natural ways to get a link. The idea is to look for related blogs accepting guest posts and offer them your informative posts in return of a link from that post. A well written and informative blog post featured on a popular blog can get you loads of traffic and links.

Link Bait

Link bait is any content or feature, within a website, created specifically to gain attention or generate links to the website. Link bait could be anything from an article to an event or a special feature that can gain people’s attention. A Link Bait can be created either by writing about some topic that has been hardly written on within your niche or offering some useful stuff like free services or coupons to your users or even writing about something controversial.


Although link building is a tough task in itself but a properly planned link building campaign and tracking the progress will make the job easier with time.

Just remember link building is an ongoing process and every link building campaign is different from others.

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